[Premiere] Elisa Money Finds Her “Home” in Philly

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Last night, Philadelphia-based Singer/songwriter Elisa Money debuted “Home”, the first in a monthly series that will form her new project, The Seed. Although she has been writing and performing music since she was 10 years old in her native city Vancouver, this series represents the start of a new chapter in her life first that began when she arrived to Philadelphia over three years ago.

“In high school, a lot of [my music] was about writing something that would make people feel less alone,” Money said. “I know that’s kind of cliché, but I’m a firm believer that everyone experiences the exact same emotions. I think, if you can help people feel that way, we’d all be closer.”

Money gradually added more and more instruments to her musical repertoire, becoming a literal one-woman band while playing in coffee shops around Vancouver and performing with various ensembles in school. Despite growing up there, however, the first music scene that Money truly immersed herself was here in Philadelphia.

The musicians and bands she soon found herself surrounded by led Money to explore a darker, rawer sound than she had in the past. At the same time, changes in her personal life coupled with her obligations as a full-time, student-athlete began to take their toll. Money soon found herself hitting a creative wall, one that forced her to pause and rediscover what direction her music would take.

“The entire EP is about the last two years of growth for me. Not just musically, but personally,” Money explained. “It’s about growth and moving forward. We can’t change our pasts, but they’re the reason we’re here. The seed that you come from isn’t always the prettiest, but it’s yours.”

For Money, finally reaching that closure also meant gaining control of her life. This perspective, paired with a newfound passion for folk music acts like the Punch Brothers, became a major part in the writing of The Seed’s first track “Home”.

When listening to “Home”, I can’t help but recall the exact feeling I had the listening to “In My Life” by The Beatles. The Seed’s first track is a ballad about finding peace in the memories of places and people that are often left behind as paths diverge. “I can see their faces growing old in my mind/I can see the places that I love left behind” Money sings softly over the song’s beautifully arpeggiated guitar riff and the unmistakable (read: delightful) wheezy hum of an accordion.

It’s a line that bleeds of the same bittersweet nostalgia of Lennon’s Rubber Soul classic and similarly avoids the mistake of dwelling on the past.

The experiences and emotion woven into “Home” portray the very reason our “college years” are so formative. “Home” is about understanding how these moments shape us into who we are today and offer insight into how we can become the people we want to be.

“I always knew what I was trying to achieve,” She explains. “I’m obviously trying to pursue music… but it was more like, ‘What am I trying to accomplish here?’. It wasn’t till last summer where I felt like I could stop and breathe again. I actually felt like I was in control of my life.”

“That’s really why I decided to do this,” she asserts with a smile. “I was finally doing this because it’s 100% my choice to do it.”

“Home” is the first of five songs that will be released on the third Friday of the next 4 months. While The Seed marks Elisa Money’s first major release, it is already evident that she has found her way back to what originally inspired her when she began writing in the first place. While the future continues to remain hazy, Money has found her place (both literally and figuratively) here in Philly.

“I want to live out here.” she said. “This is where my life is.”

Check out Elisa Money’s new song and be sure to tune in the 3rd Friday of each month for a new song for The Seed! Share your thoughts on “Home” in the comment section below.

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