Elisa Money Shines On “Younger”


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One of the most common, yet revealing prompts around is the “Letter to My Younger Self” where the writer tries look back and imagine what words of wisdom they would impart upon their younger counterpart. It’s not a cliche as much as it is a staple because, while we may reminisce about particular moments, people rarely stop to think about who they were then and the journey that made them who they are now. On her newest single “Younger” from The Seed EP, Elisa Money is wistfully looking back on the days spent searching for shapes in the clouds when we never stopped to ask why.

In contrast to The Seed‘s debut single “Home”, where Money focused on finding a sense of place in life, “Younger” strikes a much more upbeat tone with one foot out the door. “Move it along, pack it up, take it strong on chin/Wash it down with some juice but mostly gin” she sings, reciting what sounds almost routine as guitars and mandolin strum in time with a kick drum.

It’s a thrilling pace to set for the track, though that doesn’t get in the way of Money attempting to process how quickly life has begun to change for her (“I can’t remember when the silence become so loud”). In many ways, it touches upon how we get caught up in the moment, even spending energy trying to help someone else’s problems before addressing your own (“Wrote this song years ago for a girl I used to know/ Now I see I wrote that song not for her but for me”).

Money’s latest installment in The Seed  maintains the strong Folk influence that inspired her new direction while opening the narrative established in the project’s debut single. On “Younger”, Money opens the story by detailing the small moments that disrupt and distract her from focusing on how far she’s come instead of  how far she still has to go. However, don’t count on her dwelling in the moment for too long, as Money’s word of advice is “Just keep moving on.”

Check out Elisa Money’s new song “Younger” and be sure to tune in on March 24th  for the next song for The Seed! Share your thoughts on “Younger” in the comment section below.

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