Los Hacheros Bring Their Afro-Carribean Style to Philly

Looking for music with vibrant Latin roots and groovy beats? Look no further that Los Hacheros, a Brooklyn-based band consisting of Hector “Papote” Jimenez on congas and lead vocals, Itai Kriss on flute, campana, guiro and vocals, Eddie Venegas on violin, trombone and vocals, William Ash on bass, and Jacob Plasse on the distinctive Cuban tres guitar. They recently released their sophomore album Bambulaye, which is straight up fire. Their raw sound is captivating and NPR got a sneak peak of the band’s authentic sound through Tiny Desk, an intimate performance for readers that is unforgettable in its true Latin style and grace. It’s basically impossible not to swing to this video, check it out below!

And guess what? These musical masterminds are coming to Philadelphia on Thursday, performing at World Cafe Live for WXPN’s Latin Roots Live Event. The event is FREE, but make sure to reserve your spot online here! Don’t miss out on the wonderful magic they create through their multi-instrumental sound!

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