What’s “Deconstructed Pop”? Listen to Airpark and Find Out

Photo by Melissa Madison Fuller

According to their website, alternative pop/rock duo Airpark makes “deconstructed pop music.” While this sounds like another way hipsters are sabotaging pop culture (much in the same way as their love for “deconstructed” food), you can’t dismiss the music of brothers and bandmates Michael Ford, Jr. and Ben Ford as a hipster trend. Rather, their music – inspired by minimalism, melody and groove-heavy percussion – is a return to the golden age of pop music, while still feeling like something new.

The bandmates started Airpark in 2016, one year after their previous project, the critically acclaimed folk-rock group The Apache Relay, disbanded. The Apache Relay had been a large six-member band, with an arsenal of sounds. As the songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and co-producers of their upcoming album, Early Works, Volume 1, Airpark is solely the Ford brothers’ DNA. They have sharpened their focus on a more pop-oriented sound, but with some heavy-hitting lyrics and arrangements nonetheless; “pop music for thinkers” as their website also states. For example, in the opening track “All The Time,” the hook is as infectious as a song that would be sampled in a Cheerios commercial, but the lyrics detail the autobiographical story of a musician who’s starting over, finally coming to terms with his own ambition.

Fortunately, you can witness this groovy pop duo’s ambitions for yourself when they play Milkboy Philly this Wednesday, March 1st! Tickets for this 21+ event are only $10 and can be purchased here! The show arrives just in time for the official release of their album this Friday.

Find out exactly what “deconstructed pop” means and let us know what you think in the comments!

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