Beach Slang and Minus the Bear’s Sold Out Show


Beach Slang. All photos by Wakana Narisako.



Philadelphia’s Beach Slang went all out for their hometown show. Their set literally started with a bang as the bass hit everyone hard in the face. Their set included crowd favorites like “Noisy Heaven,” “Hard Luck Kid,” and “Atom Bomb.” What no one was expecting was covers like “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies and the intro to “Smooth” by Santana featuring Rob Thomas sprinkled about in between songs. James Alex of Beach Slang was entertaining as well as heartfelt, and built up excitement for the rest of the night to come.

Beach Slang

Minus the Bear kicked off their set with “Last Kiss” and the super addictive and repetitive guitar line. Guitarist Dave Knudson immediately stepped up to show off his skills. The track is the first song off of their album VOIDS that came out at the beginning of this month and it was on fire performed live. “Give & Take,” also off of the new album, was up next. The crowd was loving the close attention the band members were giving them as they leaned in towards the fans.


Minus the Bear

A throwback to their 2000’s albums came with “Knights” and “Into the Mirror.” The guitar riffs were perfectly executed and had the crowd in nirvana. Jake Snyder on lead vocals rocked the opening lines to “Cold Company” with force as Dave Knudson shredded his way around the guitar. This powerful song was sung along by majority of the fans just as loud.

Minus the Bear

The intensity of the quick moving notes was felt in “Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister.” The precision of each note was something else. The band ended their regular set on the nostalgic “Throwin’ Shapes.” Their energy didn’t let up and the band members’ interactions became more and more personal each time. Minus the Bear re-entered the stage promptly for the encore. “Invisible” from VOIDS has an awesome chorus that gets stuck in your head. Every fan roared at the finale for their biggest hit, “Pachuca Sunrise.” Minus the Bear kept every fan on their toes all night with the excitement of the amazing guitar riffs and engagement with the fans every second of the show. The positive energy inside Union Transfer on Saturday night was unbelievable. There was a strong feeling of unity as strangers high-fived and danced agreeably to both Beach Slang and Minus the Bear.





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  1. James

    June 13, 2017 at 10:30 am

    bummer that the beach slang touring guitarist was overheard making fun of the very set she was performing – kind of ruined the show for me. hope she’s not touring with them in the fall.

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