Relive Vagabon’s “Infinite Worlds” Release Show, Gallery +Interview

 Photography by Mackenzie Gasper

“Thanks for being so quiet,” Laetitia Tamko told the crowd at PhilaMOCA as she tuned her guitar, “I really appreciate it.” Saturday, one day after the official release of Vagabon’s debut record Infinite Worlds the record release excitement extended it’s way to Philly in the form of a show with Shamir and Julie Byrne.

Tamko has been recording as Vagabon since 2014, and since then has made multiple stops in Philly. Saturday she was joined by a full band while she played songs from the new record which had the sold out art space’s crowd looking on with respect and admiration.

If you’ve yet to catch a Vagabon show I highly suggest you do — there’s a certain magical aspect that can only be explained by seeing her live.

Rock On Philly: Your debut record Infinite Worlds came out on February 24th — would you say that it’s different from your previous EPs?

Laetitia Tamko: I’ve released one EP prior to this full album, it’s definitely different- a lot has changed since recording my ep. 

ROP: You’re currently on tour, are there any places that you are excited for more than the others? Any new places you haven’t been yet?

LT: I always love the West Coast- Washington state is a personal favorite because of the friends I have in Olympia that I get to see only on tour. I’ll be going to NOLA  for the first time and I’m really excited about that. 

ROP: What made you decide to play a release show in Philly along with Brooklyn?

LT: Philly has been a place I constantly go to on and off tours- it houses some of my favorite musicians so I thought why not play a city I always love playing especially since it’s so close to nyc where I live.

ROP: Do you have any favorite places to go when you’re in Philly?

LT: Oh yeah, Blackbird pizza and Fu-Wah are always my first stops haha.

ROP: I read the best thing that you’ve heard about your music is “I cried.” Do you get that a lot? I definitely cried through your whole set at Everybody Hits.

LT: I don’t get it a lot but there can be stretches of cities on tour where I get it at least twice a night- which is a moderate amount. Crying is exhausting – it’s probably not the best thing someone has said about my music but I’m just glad whoever listens can let me in enough to feel that reaction- I hope that reaction comes from a place of finding themselves in what they are hearing vs sadness. 

Check out all the photos from the show below and tell us what YOU thought of in the comments after the jump!

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