Tove Lo Spreads the Love at Electric Factory

Photography by Phobymo
Donning a crop top, fishnets and a pair of joggers with “Lady Wood” emblazoned across the butt, Tove Lo took to the Electric Factory stage last Monday night. The 29-year-old Swedish songstress, who released her sophomore album, Lady Wood, late last year, commanded the stage with sultry dance moves and personal, heartfelt lyrics. Whether she was singing about her need to keep things casual, her reckless alcohol-filled nights of abandon or her fear of being hurt by the people she loves, Tove Lo bared her soul (and her body…but more on that later) on Monday night for the crowd to see.

Tove Lo performs at Electric Factory

Joined by her band, Tove Lo started off the night with True Disaster and made her way through songs from Lady Wood and her debut studio album, Queen of the Clouds.

Tove Lo performs at Electric Factory


While performing one of her biggest hits, Talking Body, Tove Lo decided to let her body do the talking by giving the audience a peek at the ​pot leaf ​pasties​ ​under​neath​ her shirt. After the peep show, she was left on stage with just a keyboard and her voice (sans band) to perform Imaginary Friend which she restarted after making a mistake and ended up finishing​ the second half of the song through laughter with her top up​ and pasties glittering in the spotlight yet again​ (it was extremely endearing tbh). Tove Lo finished off her set, after changing into a crop top, flame decorated patent leather overalls and a pair of glittery silver boots, with WTF Love is, Flashes and Cool Girl. In typical encore fashion, she ended the night on a high note with her debut single and one of her biggest hits, Habits (Stay High).



True Disaster

Lady Wood



The Way That I Am

Not On Drugs

Thousand Miles


Got Love

Talking Body

Imaginary Friend

Keep It Simple

WTF Love Is


Cool Girl


What I Want for the Night (Bitches)

Habits (Stay High)


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