Betty Who Rises In The Valley

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Australian indie pop artist Betty Who is not afraid of taking risks. She became known for her feel-good pop tunes like “Somebody Love You” 2012, which later went viral in 2013 when it was used for a proposal flash mob video. In her latest release The Valley, Betty Who explores different moods immediately. The opening track of the same name starts the album as a dramatic a capella on fiery romance of the past. The transition from that to the second track, “Some Kinda Wonderful,” is night and day. In this track, Betty Who shines with attitude, and you can’t help but to dance along.



Mama Say” is another leading single from the album. The track is daring and rebellious in theme, and reaches her higher vocal register with strength. The flirty tone and lyrics capture the overall sensual mood of the song. “Human Touch” also has the drum beats that keeps you dancing and the sensuality that keeps you swaying. Ballad-like “Wanna Be” is more gentle and her vocals are perfectly matched. The contrast between delicate and aggressive upper range that she can put out on this track is amazing.


The last track “I Love You Always Forever” is the cover of iconic original performed by Donna Lewis. Betty Who brings the album full circle by starting this track in a capella. The song takes off into pop-synth wonderland after the a capella intro with dramatically percussive beats. Her take on this pop favorite is fresh and a great close to the album. As RuPaul says, she’s got “charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.”


Betty Who is performing at Union Transfer on Monday, April 17th. Get your tickets to the show here and don’t regret missing her Philly stop.

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