Frank Iero: Happy To Be Back

Frank Iero is finally back on the road in support of his second solo album, Parachutes. Originally released last October, Iero and his band The Patience were forced to put a supporting headlining tour (including an originally planned date at The Foundry) on hold after Iero, his bandmates, and crew were involved in a serious bus accident in Australia only a few weeks before Parachutes was to be released. However, Iero is ready and eager to get back out and perform Parachutes to his faithful legion of fans. Rock On Philly was able to speak with Iero ahead of Frank Iero and The Patience’s show at Union Transfer on Wednesday, April 19. Tickets for the show are available here, and be sure to give Parachutes a listen after the jump!

Rock On Philly: Are you happy to get back out there to finally support Parachutes six months after the accident?

Frank Iero: Oh God yeah, when all that stuff happened it wasn’t just a bummer- when that initially happened…you say goodbye to everything. I thought I was never gonna play again and I thought that I would end up saying goodbye to a lot of things…to be able to recover enough that [I] can do this again is amazing. I feel like to play these songs is a new lease on life especially these songs [off Parachutes] that are about this type of thing- I hated that [the accident] happened but it’s probably the right record that it happened on. I’m very thankful for this album and I’m glad [Parachutes] happened…I love seeing it connect with the audience. I really love that stuff, I think these songs are great. They came out exactly when they had to came out, the fact that people got it and connected with it- I’m glad they get it. Everything happens for a reason I suppose.

ROP: You just put out “Getting To Heaven Can Be Hell” as part of the Music For Everyone compilation. What was it about that song that made you want to put it on the compilation?

FI: I wrote that song a long time ago when I was recording for Stomachaches. It was around the Boston Marathon bombing and “Getting To Heaven Can Be Hell” is very much about the idea of killing for God. I wrote the song and I recorded it and it didn’t feel like it worked on Stomachaches but it was very much something that I was feeling at the time. When the compilation came out and when John Nolan [of Taking Back Sunday] was putting this thing together and we were asked if we had a song that would work for it I immediately thought of “Heaven”.

ROP: You obviously grew up fairly close by in New Jersey. What’s your first big memory of interacting with the Philly scene?

FI: My parents grew up in south Jersey so I was always down there visiting my dad growing up. The first My Chemical Romance show was close by down in Ewing- my cousin lived down there and he put on a show at the American Legion and at the time I was in Pencey Prep and we ended up sharing a rehearsal space with My Chem.

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