City and Colour Swoons The Electric Factory

City and Colour checked Philly off the Northeast extension of their current tour by making a loyal stop at the Electric Factory. Seattle’s own, Noah Gunderson, opened up the night with his bold acoustics. Dallas Green made a point of commending Gunderson for embarking on this tour, as the previous drive was a 10-hour stretch from Cincinnati, remarking that, “it’s not an easy thing to do.” Gunderson is making this tour on his own, and I have to admit, you don’t always catch an opener that has the same vocal presence as a full band. Sometimes all you need is a simple strum paired with a powerful voice to truly captivate a crowd, and Gunderson did just that.

Noah Gunderson warms up the crowd at the Electric Factory.

City and Colour took the stage at 9, and gave a humble 2-hour set. Smoke filled the air as red-tungsten tones took over the ambiance. Opening with “Woman”, the set list included hits like, “Hello, I’m in Delaware”, “We Found Each Other in the Dark”, “Lover Come Back” and an immersive rendition of “The Girl”.

Dallas Green kicks off the set performing “Woman”

As part of the encore performance, Green shared a personal story from a show they were performing in Florida. Prior to the performance, Green found his way across the street to a barber shop and became enthralled with a discussion about Dallas Green, the great American baseball pitcher and Phillies’ manager, whom Green was named after by his father. In 1980, Green’s father put money on the Phillies World Series and demanded that his son be named after the baseball icon. Upon returning for sound check, Green learned that day Dallas Green (the original) had passed away. Green then went into a reflective moment to the crowd, wondering who he would have been had his mother named him (Graham-Todd being her first choice). He led into a spell-binding “Body in a Box”, dedicating the song to all of Philly and to the late and great, Dallas Green. Had he not been given that name, Green likes to think he would not be singing songs for all of us today.

Dallas Green shows his range through passionate vocals

Check out some of our favorite shots from the show!

All photography courtesy of Brittany Salerno

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