SHAED Talks Color and Tour Life

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No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade. Don’t be fooled by their name. SHAED is a three-person group from DC that is adding color to music as they currently tour with Bishop Briggs, and they are coming to Philly this Friday to Union Transfer. They’ve toured with Vérité and Philly’s new rising stars Marian Hill. I had a chance to talk to lead vocalist Chelsea Lee to discuss their formation and plans for the future, before they headed out to tour.



Rock On Philly: So you guys are relatively new on the scene as a group?

Chelsea Lee: Yeah, we started SHAED last March and it’s been about a year.

ROP: And how did you meet Spencer and Max Ernst? How did SHAED form?

CL: We all grew up in the DC area and we met when we were in high school. We became friends right off the bat and started SHAED.

ROP: Have you guys in that short span had a chance to perform in Philly yet?

CL: Yes, we played Union Transfer in the fall. We love that venue.

ROP: Yeah, it’s come a long way since being a spaghetti place.

CL: Oh wow.

ROP: Are you guys currently working on an album? We had a little taste of what you guys make with your EP Just Wanna See.

CL: Yeah, we’re writing right now. We’re about to go on tour, so we’re focusing right now on rehearsing. For the past couple months, we haven’t been heavily writing, just rehearsing.

ROP: Will you be recording in DC when the songs are ready?

CL: We haven’t gotten to that stage yet, but we did record in the DC area for Just Wanna See. In a crappy studio basement.

ROP: What are you guys doing in preparation for the tour?

CL: We just got a new light show. We’re working on incorporating the new songs and rehearsing it a lot. Also buying new clothes and preparing for the whole thing.

ROP: Your music screams colorful so that’ll be exciting to see, especially with the light show.

CL: Yeah, we try to make our live show very colorful, and upping our light show game on this tour.

ROP: Oh, I also loved the cover of “Starboy” you did. How do you feel about The Weeknd’s latest album?

CL: Thank you, I’m kind of obsessed with the whole album. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to it. That “Nothing Without You” song is my jam.


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