The Wild Now Bring Their Dreamy Pop Sound to Philly 5/31!

Now that Memorial Day festivities are over, the summer season has officially begun. What better way to start the season than with some dreamy indie pop sounds, courtesy of The Wild Now?

The Wild Now is an Austin, TX based duo consisting of Taylor Baker and Drew Walker.  The band just released their second EP, Afterglow, on May 19th at SXSW. Driving synths and jungle disco-esque guitar work build on the band’s previous dreamy, island indie pop sound to create a diverse collection of songs that one can listen to on the beach or at a rave.

Vocalist Taylor Baker chatted with Rock On Philly about The Wild Now’s latest release ahead of their show at Kung Fu Necktie on Wednesday, May 31st:

Rock On Philly: It says in your bio that the two of you met in 2013 at a Local Natives show at SXSW. How did you go from meeting each other at a show, to then writing and recording songs together? 

Taylor Baker: We shared some moscow mules at the show, and Drew sat in on trumpet with my band the next day. After that, my guitar player at the time was leaving for tour with another band, so Drew filled in while he was gone. We ended up entering a contest for a local radio station in town and won, so we decided to keep playing together because it felt like our musical ideas really clicked.

ROP: How did you decide on the name “The Wild Now”? 

TB: We liked the sound of it and the meaning behind the name is to just live uninhibitedly in the moment. There are also no other bands using that name, so we’re the only “Wild Now” in the world… which is pretty hard to find these days.

ROP: How would you describe Austin’s music scene? How does the environment influence your sound? 

TB: To sum it up in one word, the Austin music scene is constant. There is SO much talent but everyone supports each other and it’s a great musical community. The environment influences our sound by pushing us to create music that stands out.

ROP: How does the songwriting process work between the two of you?

TB: Most of the time, Drew will have instrumental ideas and then I will come up with the melody and lyrics. Occasionally, I’ll write some ideas on the guitar and then Drew will add lots of spices on top. It really just depends on what we’re both feeling creatively at the time.

ROP: Any specific inspirations when making your latest EP? Can you describe the sound of the EP in a few words? 

TB: Our inspiration for the latest EP isn’t a specific band or person, but more so finding sounds outside of our comfort zone. In a few words this EP is zesty, dreamy, distinctive and buoyant.

Check out The Wild Now, presented by Rock On Philly, this Wednesday at Kung Fu Necktie! This show is 21+ only. Tickets are only $7 in advance

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