Andorra Talks Staying Relevant in Philly as Their Latest EP Drops

Photography courtesy of Brittany Salerno 

Philly’s own, Andorra, is making waves in the city’s music scene as they begin to move towards the release of their second full-length album. With their latest EP titled, “What You Wanted”, the band proves their sound is only getting bigger, and after winning the opening spot for Radio 1045’s Birthday Show for the THIRD YEAR in a row, Andorra’s coasting into a promising year ahead.

If you haven’t checked out “What You Wanted”, I suggest you do so NOW. The EP is a compilation of five tracks that have been played throughout Andorra sets for past few years. It’s a full, vibrant and authentic sound that only Andorra seems to master. The consistency of crashing drums, teased by intricate guitar riffs that are never overdone, but just enough to leave you wanting more is all tied together with leading vocals that give a timeless relevancy to the music being played.

We caught up with Andorra as they talk about their latest EP and got a good pulse on what we can expect from the band in the near future.

ROP: Describe how the recording process was for your latest release. How has it differed from previous EPs?

A: Feels good to finally have recorded versions of these songs so fans, family, and friends can dig more into our set. Additionally, we will be releasing a follow up EP in the late summer titled “What You Got” which will consist of newer songs that the band has written together. These are the songs that are truly the works of our the four of us rather then the first EP which had former members contributed to the writing process. Moreover, a full length titled “What You Wanted, What You Got” will be released in late fall featuring all the songs from the EPs plus additional songs that were not heard on the EPs. It is just a fun way to stay relevant in a time when staying relevant is a hard thing to do. We what to stay consistent as possible that way we keep everyone on their toes. 

ROP: What is the lyrical process like for you guys? Are they based on real experiences? 

A: Lyrically the songs all share this common theme of longing for one’s home (where ever that may be). The writing process started two years ago, the same time Kevin was moving out of his parents house, the place he’s lived since the age of 5. A lot of the lyrical content deals with these feelings. For example, in the song “Four Corners” the song expresses the idea of losing yourself in a four cornered room because that seems to be the only place where one finds comfort, aka, home. This is not the only time the word home pops up throughout the work. You will hear it mentioned more throughout. 

ROP: What’s you favorite track on this EP and why? (Mine is Bad Habit, but only because the recording is so authentic to your sound, I feel like it’s a melting pot of everything the band has to offer)

A: Elephants is our favorite track to play live. We used to play with this ska band in high school and we loved the way people would dance to their music so this is our attempt at getting people to dance like that at shows. This song’s line “this is what you wanted, this is what you got” is where we got the name for our EPs and LP. The line really represents your expectations. This also ties into no longer living at home. What I really wanted was to move out, but then when I got that, it was a damping learning experience. 

ROP: You’ve had a busy year! What are some high lights that you as a band have experienced?

This is the third time we are opening the birthday show. Those are def huge accomplishments for us, and we are so grateful for these opportunities. Originally we thought doing it again this year would be over kill, but the amount of support we received through mutual Radio 1045 listeners, especially on Twitter, was enormous, so we thought we would give it another go around and make our mark on the Birthday Show by opening it again this year.


We also had the “What You Wanted” release and the release show we put together at the Barbary with our friends Daddylap, Backroom Dreamers, and Somethin’ Divine. That show was huge for us and we we’ll easily always remember playing to that packed crowd that night.

ROP: Where do you see Andorra this time next year?


ROP: What shows do you have coming up in and around Philly?

Here is what happening in July:

July 7th Milkboy Chris Cornell Tribute show 

July 8th Dave & Buster Dockside Bar 

July 9th Creep Records acoustic show

ROP: When Andorra isn’t doing all these cool Andorra things, what do you guys like to do around Philly?

A: Dalessandro’s is our favorite cheese steak place. Ever. Hoagie cheese steaks are the best. With a lil mayo, perfection. 

The Rendezvous on Locust is our Diner (like the diner in the movie Diner). Chicken cheese steak with a pickle. My god. Dynamite.

Dante also always knows the drink/shot of the week. 

Francoluigi’s in South Philly is always great too. Peroni’s and Pizza are a knock out. Best tomato pie.  


Check out Andorra this weekend, as they open the Radio 1045 Birthday Show and keep up with the band on their Facebook and Twitter as they keep on keepin on in Philly!

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