Dawes Makes An Evening to Remember at The Fillmore Philadelphia

Photography by Samantha Sweeney

You know when you’re at a concert and you hear a band that you wish they could play all night? That’s exactly what Dawes did Saturday night at the Fillmore Philadelphia on their An Evening With Dawes tour.

Dawes performs at the Fillmore Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA

The talented five-piece played the entire night, with no opening act, a very short break, and delivered a well-executed and jam-packed set of most of their five-disk studio discography. From upbeat and categorically ironic numbers like “Most People” to folk ballads such as “My Way Back Home,” the band gave it all and then some. Each member of the band worked in total harmony, each as talented and equally highlighted as the next. Where some bands could rest on their laurels and end the night at around ten, the band played almost three hours until a little after eleven, with Goldsmith saying, “It’s Saturday night after all.”

Dawes performs at Fillmore Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA 

While sticking relatively to the music for the good majority of their two full sets, lead singer Taylor Goldsmith opened up towards the end of the second. “Music has a certain power that brings people closer together and that’s a FACT!” As an initial parting gift, he went on: “If you leave here with anything tonight leave it will with…” the opening lyrics of the morbidly funny title track of their latest album, “We’re All Gonna Die.”

Dawes performs at the Fillmore Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA

It was certain that the band’s love of playing music matched (nay, exceeded) the crowd’s love of listening to it. With well-executed and well-timed meticulous riffs and solos the crowd ate it all up and sang along to each and every song, showing that their popularity relies on making great music with expert talent. Goldsmith couldn’t have been more correct; music has a mysterious way of bringing us all together, and when it does, it reminds us it will all be all right.

Relive the magic from the show with all of our photos below.

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