Kung Fu Necktie Welcomes pronoun 6/28

Featured photo by Em Grey.

Alyse Vellturo aka pronoun is coming to Philly this week to Kung Fu Necktie. You might’ve heard her debut EP  There’s no one new around you. featured on Nylon and USA Today. I had a chance to speak to the Brooklyn artist about her music and life prior to tour to get to know her and her work.


Rock On Philly: So first off, why pronoun?

Alyse Vellturo: I was sitting about a year and a half ago, and I had already finished two of my tracks and trying to think what a good name could be. For me, there are a couple things, but the biggest thing was that it could stand alone. I had just gotten out of a relationship so I was getting used to that.

ROP: When you’re on tour, are you bringing a band or backup along? Do you record alone?

AV: Yeah, I have two guys with me, one playing the drums and one on guitar. I record everything myself in the corner of my bedroom. I have all the instruments in my room, my guitar and my bass, and I do the drums with sample parts.

ROP: Will your upcoming projects be all recorded in your room also?

AV: For the next couple things, I’ll record in my room. It depends on the direction I go, but right now I like doing everything myself. It’s actually a really personal thing to me.

ROP: You have singles being released gradually this year. Is there a plan for an EP or an album?

AV: Right now I’m just writing couple of demos. I put a lot of time into each song so I make sure it’s perfect. I don’t like putting out EPs or albums without having a concrete thing.

ROP: Are you excited for your Billboard Hot 100 performance coming up in New York this summer? Any other big show appearances planned?

AV: I’m super excited. I haven’t played on that stage yet, and it’s a festival and there are a ton of cool bands attending. I know some of the local New York bands, so I’m excited to see and play with them all.

ROP: Have you ever played in Philly before?

AV: No, I haven’t. I’ve played outside of New York in the area, like a house show in DC. Also, a little festival in Savannah, Georgia, and Texas. It’s a small tour this time, but I’m excited to come to Philly as a performer.



pronoun has a sound that is addicting and lyrics that are contemplative. Don’t miss out on a chance to see her. Tickets to see pronoun live at Kung Fu Necktie on Wednesday, June 28th are available here or at the door. Tickets to Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival held August 19th and 20th are available here.


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