New Music Releases: Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes, Haim, Jaded, and More Release New Tunes

Featured Image by Ruby Mora

Its our favorite day again and that means round up the best and the brightest in Philly music and beyond to help YOU get down on #NewMusicFriday. Check out all our picks to get you moving and shaking for times to come!

New Singles to Jam to

Jaded, “The Greatest [Prod. Syndrome]”

This Philly artist has only started making music ONE YEAR AGO. All we got to say is DAYUM. Check out this awesome track below!

Rita Ora, “Your Song”

British pop songstress Rita Ora has released the video for “Your Song” and it’s certainly one that I’m sure many a lovestruck office worker has dreamed of doing in a boring meeting! Take a peek and listen as Ora takes it away below!

SZA, “Drew Barrymore”

Need something to sing at the top of your lungs on these steamy summer nights? Check out SZA’s latest single “Drew Barrymore.” While the song doesn’t lyrically have anything to do with its namesake, Barrymore DOES make an appearance somewhere in the video. Watch and see for yourself, and maybe find your new favorite song below.

HAIM, “Want You Back”

Game. Set. Match. Haim has released the video for their single “Want You Back”. It might seem like they’re just walking around downtown L.A., but the trio takes a different spin by choreographing their movements with their music into an all-out dance session. Check it out below!

Shawn Mendes, “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”

Get ready to hear this on every radio system. Shawn Mendes is back with a firey new song and there’s nothing holding him back from you hearing it! Check it out below.

New Albums to Love

Denai Moore, We Used to Bloom

If this is the future of music, we are so excited. Let Denai Moore wrap you up with her music and beautiful voice, and you can get it here.

Kevin Morby, City Music

And, now, for something completely different! Let Kevin Morby (frontman of The Babies and bassist of Woods) take you away with his solo music. A whole album to get you dance, cry, and just chill. You can get it here.

VERITE, Somewhere In Between

VERITE has finally released her highly-anticipated debut album. Gone is any uncertainty and, in its place, even more deftly created tracks that we can’t stop listening to. Check it out and get it here.

Imagine Dragons, Evolve

After what feels like EONS of waiting, teasing, and the like, Imagine Dragons has finally released the follow-up to 2015’s Smoke and Mirrors with an evolutionary touch. Filled with radio hits and songs that you just want to keep listening to and analyzing, they got us covered. Love their new direction or hate it, you can get it here.

Which new release will YOU get down to? Tell us in the comments below!

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