Church Girls Find Serenity in New Singles “Better Off” & “Breaking Bones”

Photo by Charlie Wrzesniewski

Rock On Philly Artist of The Month alum Church Girls have taken some notable leaps forward in the past few years, as the hard working local act who rank among my “Philly Bands You Need To Know Now” have proven this to yet again to be true with their new singles, “Better Off”…

And “Breaking Bones”…

“It’s about a creative relationship that began with promise but ultimately crumbled” Beaumont shares about “Better Off”… “I think we’d seen some things in each other that couldn’t be unseen. Writing the song helped me confront some of the mistakes I’d made, and eventually helped me move past them.”

The two new tunes from Beaumont and company give an audible glimpse into their upcoming new album Hidalgo, due out September 15th and currently available for advance order on Bandcamp.

Album Art courtesy of the Artist

The new songs are a bold venture from their 2014 debut Young Planes and 2015 self-titled EP, as well as 2016’s full length album Thousand Lives which was featured insightfully right here with Rock On Philly! With her naturally skillful songwriting and lyrical exploration, Beaumont’s introspective journey continues to grow amidst the band’s progression and ever present intersection between raw instrumentation reminiscent of early 80’s folk punk and solid production that preserves it’s energy and feeling.

Regarding their newest studio venture, Mariel remarks how “the melody and lyrics to ‘Better Off’ came much more easily than usual for me. As a band, we knew it had potential, so we recorded nearly five versions of it before landing on this one. We’re really happy with the textured, dreamy element Erik Wofford (producer) brought to the track.” On “Breaking Bones” Beaumont shares “This song has also been through the ringer. It originally had an alt-country feel, but we thought it needed to be a bit darker. We kept experimenting with the rhythm section until it felt right. It’s about waking up after partying too hard for a few days at an age where that no longer feels appropriate. I wrote this shortly after I left my job, so the feeling was compounded with a general aimlessness and constant questioning if I was spending my time in a productive way.”

What do you think of Church Girls’ new music? Let us know in the comments below and check the band out live on their Fall Tour!

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