Why Henry Jamison Will Be Your New Favorite Singer-Songwriter

All photos credit to Patrick McCormack 

Henry Jamison speaks from his soul. Sure, singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen these days, but Jamison’s songwriting stands out from the rest. In his upcoming debut full-length record, The Wilds, Jamison shares unique, visual details in his lyrics that are reminiscent of the British Romantic Period in poetry. Considering his ancestors include George Frederick Root (one of the most popular songwriters of the Civil War era) and the 14th Century British poet John Gower, there might be something intuitive to his songwriting abilities. 

Jamison, who writes all of his lyrics, claims is he “unconsciously” inspired by his Burlington, Vermont hometown in a phone interview with Rock On Philly as he rests in Montreal before heading to New York City. “There are all sort of images in my head of mountains… [they are] peaceful images for me,” he says. “I also pretend to live in New York and make references to it [in my writing].” “The Jacket,” for example, touches on the alienation Jamison sometimes feels when he is in NYC. “It’s about human fabricated spaces and how they influence my ability to relate to another person,” he explains.

In addition to the nature imagery, a wide range of emotion relating to a particular relationship pervades. “Every song is about relating to one particular person with symbolic overlay and philosophical questions being answered… examining the porous relationship between human psyche and outer world,” he says. “It sounds a little obsessive,” he laughs.

He shares that “Real Peach” was written after a fight, although it sounds exuberant. Released as a single, the song already has millions of plays on Spotify and an interesting music video where Jamison plays baseball with himself. “Writing this record I had a lot of mind games,” he explains. “If I have a problem I think about it constantly… [but] being on the road a lot has made me calmer.”

It seems like Jamison has been destined to a career in music, but he says it’s less intentional than that. “I am on the path of making this a career, sometimes I get bumped off of it, but my natural mode is writing and performing music.”

The Wilds won’t be released until October, but fortunately Jamison will be performing his music at the World Cafe Live this Tuesday! Tickets for the show can be found here, and check out his latest single “Sunlit Juice” below!

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