Heavy Cream Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Disraeli Gears

Photo credit to Mike Vechesky.

The Summer of Love isn’t over yet.

Heavy Cream, the definitive tribute to rock music’s original supergroup Cream, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cream’s landmark album Disraeli Gears this Thursday, September 21st at The Vault in Berlin NJ, headquarters of Victor Records. 

Heavy Cream features young prodigies with uncanny abilities to mimic Cream in both look and sound: Billy “The Kid” Thoden as Eric Clapton, Dion Paci as Jack Bruce, and Steve Iannettoni as Ginger Baker. In addition to their mind-blowing musical abilities, the band boasts spec replicas of the famous ‘Fool’ artwork guitars of Clapton and Bruce and Ginger Baker’s legendary double Ludwig drum kit, as well as Cream’s signature stack of British Marshall Amps, plus authentic wardrobe that Cream actually used at their most memorable 60’s shows.

The trio will perform Disraeli Gears in its entirety along with other gems in Cream’s catalog. Special guest Sam Gutman (Nik Greeley & The Operators, Out of the Beardspace) will join Heavy Cream on stage as Stevie Winwood to delve into the Blind Faith catalog. 

Discover more information and buy tickets for this ALL AGES show here!


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