Mount Holly Returns to Milkboy Philly to Play New Material

Photo credit to Jacopo Lorenzini

Fans of the blues rock band Mount Holly can finally hear material from the band’s upcoming debut record Stride by Stride when they return to Milkboy Philly this Saturday!

“It’s been a long journey to here,” guitarist Nick Perri says regarding their latest “Off The Record” tour and album. “[Stride by Stride is a] record filled with soul and great songs. I think it’s among the best work of my career to date. It’s honest and it rocks and it has depth and some deeper layers then I think people are expecting from a rock band. We are just excited to get it out asap.”

After the recent departure of original bassist Deanna Passarella, Perri’s bandmate from Silvertide, Brian Weaver (also of We Are Harlot and more), joined the lineup. “It feels like home,” Perri says. “Brian and I literally grew up together in the music industry so it’s just incredible to join forces after all this time.”

While the album does not have a release date yet, the third single “Burning In Color” will be available on all digital platforms soon. In the meantime, listen to ALL the tracks LIVE this Saturday. Coupled with Perri and Weaver, singer Jameson Burt and drummer John Bach create a live experience akin to the raw, rock n’ roll energy of LA’s Sunset Strip golden age.

Tickets are going fast but still available here! This show is 21+ only. 


  1. gary tritle

    November 14, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    i may need to go check this band out 🙂

    • Lauren Silvestri

      November 14, 2017 at 11:07 pm

      Unfortunately they just announced they are breaking up :(( But they just released their long-awaited album which is awesome and available on iTunes!

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