A Preshow Chat With The Coronas’ Danny O’Reilly

Live in The RHK. Photo by Dara Munnis.


Ireland’s The Coronas are coming to Philadelphia for the first time in a long time to headline a sold out show at Milkboy on November 11th. Lead singer Danny O’Reilly took his time out of his busy schedule to chat about the band and their direction the day before their tour kicked off.


Rock On Philly: Hi, thanks for chatting. How are you guys now that we’re in the same time zone?

Danny O’Reilly: Good thanks, we just arrived in Toronto last night, and we had a few beers. The first show of the tour starts tomorrow. We’re all doing good.


ROP: I was listening to your new album Trust the Wire the whole day and I love the depth of it. My favorite track was “Look At All The Lovers.” What was the concept of that song and how does it apply to you?

DO: The song me and our guitar player Dave co-wrote with a friend of ours. We worked on the lyrics together. For me, it means almost being envious of your friends and yet at the same time being happy for them. It’s about perfect relationships and how they work. We spent a lot of time in the studio with this song and it came together with our producer Eliot James, who had a lot to do with this song. We’ve been doing a lot of touring and this song is always fun to play live. The title of the album came from one of the first lines of the song, Trust the Wire, and it’s about taking the next step.

ROP: And you guys switched to your own label on this album?

DO: Yeah, switching to our own label seemed like the right option for us at the time and thankfully we’re at the stage where we are doing quite well. We’re enjoying the radio playing and we had 4 albums now and it seemed like it was the next step. We’re doing a lot of touring this year and with the promoting of the album, we’ve taken control of promotion and organization of the tours and timing and it’s worked out great.


ROP: You guys have spent time in both London and Ireland. Where was the record recorded?

DO: We actually recorded in London, with the same producer Eliot James who produced our last album. It was cool to go back to Eastcote Studios. It’s not a huge sort of fancy studio but it’s more organic and it has a great environment. It was great to go back because we did live in London. We spend over 6 weeks there and it was nice to see it again.


ROP: How often do you guys get to come to the US?

DO: We’ve done a couple shows in New York, but this is the first time we’re doing a proper show. We played in Philly a long time ago once. This is our first proper tour in a while so we’re really excited.


ROP: You guys got to perform for the Obama’s when they visited Ireland a couple years back. What was that like?

DO: It was so cool, and very last minute. We only heard about it a week before and we were asked to play for his welcoming. It was really nice, we got to meet with them after and take a picture. It was a strange day and different kind of show. It was nice to be involved and we’re a big fan of his too, so we were really proud to be asked to play and meet him. It was a brief meeting but you can see that the room changed as soon as he walked into it.


ROP: Since Thanksgiving is coming up in the US, what are you guys as a band most thankful for right now?

DO: I guess we’re most thankful for getting to do what we do everyday as a job. We love what we do, we love touring and seeing the world, so we’re blessed that we get to do that. It still seems like we’re on the ascent but we’re very grateful.



You can get The Coronas’ new album Trust the Wire here. Tickets to their show at Milkboy are sold out, but you can keep an eye out for official fan resale tickets here. All photos provided by The Coronas management.


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