Deadfellow Talks Johnny Brenda’s Show, New Music and the Apocalypse

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After enjoying a hearty Thanksgiving meal and maybe taking advantage of Black Friday sales, check out Philly’s much buzzed about singer-songwriter Deadfellow for a very special show at Johnny Brenda’s this Friday night!

Deadfellow has enjoyed quite a productive 2017, to say the least. He released two critically-acclaimed albums – January’s Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener and June’s Mescalifornia: A California Dream – and will soon release his third album, Millennials in Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards), which was recorded in Nashville and features the guitar work of Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) and keys by Rob Crowell (formerly of Deer Tick).

Deadfellow’s signature sound is impossible to nail down, as each album detours from the last. It’s as if he’s David Bowie on speed, constantly reinventing and experimenting with his musical style. While he has not officially released any songs off of Millennials in Love, attendees of Friday’s show will be treated to the live premiere of several.

Rock On Philly was able to touch base with the enigmatic musician (who goes by Hayden Sammak off stage) ahead of the show. Read our interview on the next page!

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