Fit For A King Play Voltage Lounge This Tuesday!

Christian metalcore outfit Fit For A King will be heading to Voltage Lounge this Tuesday, November 21, along with In Hearts Wake, Like Moths To Flames and Phinehas. The Texas-based band released their most recent album, Deathgrip, last year. Inspired by the 2015 terror attack at the Bataclan in Paris, where Fit For A King was meant to play a show only four days after, Deathgrip centers on the toll death and devastation has in our world today.  

We spoke with Fit For A King before they make their trip to Philly this week- read our interview with the band below, and be sure to buy your tickets for the band’s Voltage Lounge show here!

Rock On Philly: After a few lineup changes since the band’s inception, FFAK went into Deathgrip having the same lineup as you had during your previous album cycle. Did you find Deathgrip easier to write/record for because of this?


Fit For A King: Absolutely. Everyone was a lot more comfortable constructively criticizing each other and being open about how we truly felt songs should be.


ROP: Deathgrip is also a bit of a storytelling album- it focuses more on worldy situations and societal issues. Did you find it interesting to step into another person’s shoes and perspective during recording?


FFAK: It was a very interesting and different process, but it is something I’m very grateful to have done. Putting myself in other people’s shoes really helped open my eyes to things other people go through on a daily basis.


ROP: Knowing the general themes behind Deathgrip, have you found the songs (especially songs like “Pissed Off”) growing more relevant in the year since the album’s initial release?

FFAK: Unfortunately, yes. I hope there is a day that the song has no relevance to the world we live in.


ROP: You’re in the midst of a fairly long tour right now: have you had any artist/album in heavy rotation as of late?

FFAK: Always Deaf Havana, Architects, and a Little Oh Sleeper thrown in.


ROP: I see you guys have played Philly a few times before- any “usual” spots or attractions you like to hit up while you’re here?

FFAK: Wherever the best cheesesteak is!


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