Foxtrot & The Get Down “Shine” in New Music

Philly’s burgeoning rock scene continues with soulful blues rock outfit Foxtrot & The Get Down. The band just released their latest single “Shine” (which debuted with Wendy Rollins on Radio 104.5), and to celebrate, they are headlining a show at Milkboy Philly this Saturday, November 4th with LIONIZE and the Deal Casino.

Ahead of their show, Rock On Philly spoke with guitarist/vocalist/harmonica player Colin Budny on the inspiration for “Shine,” what’s next for the band, and their “killer” show on Saturday.

Rock On Philly: What was the inspiration for “Shine”?  

Colin Budny: “Shine” has been a song that has stayed with us for years. We recorded a version of this song at West Chester University in 2013. Needless to say, we’ve grown and the song has really taken a different meaning 4 years later. We built the song to fill big rooms. To evoke emotion out of everyone listening to it. To scream the chorus and to rage at shows. The song is about accepting yourself for the person you are. There’s a lyric in the song that says “Paint yourself in shades of gold.” That line really sums up the theme of “Shine.”

ROP: Where were “Shine” and the other new songs recorded? How was that experience? 

CB: Cutting these songs was one of the greatest experiences we’ve had as musicians. We cut the tunes at Spice House Sound in Fishtown with our good friend Dave Pettit. We’ve been working in Nashville for the last two years with our genius producer Tres Sasser, but after the tour, we wanted to be close to home to create our next project. Philadelphia is the driving force behind our creative process, so this was a dream come true. 

ROP: Is an EP/ full-length album in the works?

CB: We toured the entire summer to support our debut LP Roots Too Deep that we dropped in February. When we got back from tour, we instantly started flip flopping between Philly and New York to get ready to cut new music. We focused on singles, and “Shine” is the first in a series of singles that we’ll be dropping constantly over the next few months. An EP/LP will happen at some point, but for now we’re focused on dropping the best tunes possible. 

ROP: You mentioned earlier to us that this show is going to be “killer” – how so?

CB: Milkboy is our home venue. Whenever we come back from tour or are celebrating a release, we tend to throw a banger at Milkboy. We can guarantee a ton of new music, some new stage design, new merch, a wild 7-piece band and a very, very sweaty crowd. See ya there.

Stay tuned for new releases from Foxtrot & The Get Down, and don’t miss their show this Saturday (taken from someone who has seen them live – they are a must-see)! Tickets are available here. This show is 21+ only. 

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