Jimy Bleu Can Play Hendrix Better Than… Hendrix?

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Photo credit to Mike Vechesky

Jimy Bleu seemed destined to play the music of Jimi Hendrix. He bears more than an uncanny resemblance to the guitar legend, and plays Hendrix’s music arguably better than anyone else alive today. However, it was only through a high school crush that he discovered Hendrix and changed the course of his life.

“There was a girl who I really liked who knew all the musicians coming through,” Bleu explains in a phone interview with Rock On Philly. “One day she came to school with a button that read ‘Jimi Hendrix Official Fan Club.’ In order to get closer to her, I joined the fan club.”

Bleu was also friends with the niece of a Monterey Pop film editor, who showed him raw footage of Hendrix’s performance. “Once I saw Jimi on film, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. I started nailing down his look and style and switched my focus to guitar,” he says. 

Bleu attended Performing Arts High School in Manhattan, where he originally was focusing on the trumpet and R&B music. Hendrix would occasionally stop by to visit the fan club on his way to Manny’s Music on 48th St. He recommended Berkeley Music College in Boston to the fan club, and Bleu was one of the few who was accepted. While there he mastered his craft of guitar and the music of Hendrix. He started his Jimi Hendrix tribute act circa 1968, two years before the icon died.

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