Jimy Bleu Can Play Hendrix Better Than… Hendrix?

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Bleu has had a long, resistant career in an industry that often marks an expiration date on artists. In addition to Kiss The Sky, he is a successful session musician and plays his original music. In the early 90’s, Russell Simmons signed his project Jimy Bleu & Cleopatra (featuring an all-female backing band) and became his manager. While that deal ended up disintegrating, it was Simmons who insisted Bleu continue paying tribute to Hendrix. 

Jimy Bleu & Cleopatra

Now in his 50th year doing so and the second year of Kiss The Sky, Jimy and the band are going stronger than ever. It’s the only Hendrix tribute that does all of his iconic concerts and recreates the sounds, costumes, and instruments. “It’s even closer than what Jimi was doing,” Bleu says, half-kidding. “Jimi had a hard time doing what he was doing, he had a lot going on in his life. You’re going to see Hendrix the way he really was and what he was trying to do.”

Seeing Bleu transform into Hendrix is something that needs to be seen in order to believe. From playing guitar behind his back to getting Hendrix’s mannerisms just right, the audience is transformed back to a time when people believed music could change the world. “Jimi tried to bring all races together, like a guru,” says Bleu. “We haven’t seen that since Bob Marley. They were using the music as a means to get their message across.”

Kiss The Sky comes to the Philly area on Thursday, January 25th to the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center in West Chester, PA. Tickets are available here.

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