Jimy Bleu Can Play Hendrix Better Than… Hendrix?

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Heavy Cream, a tribute to the psychedelic blues band Cream, will open. Heavy Cream features Billy “The Kid” Thoden, who at only 16 has gained attention for being a wunderkind on the guitar. Thoden spoke to ROP about his journey in blues music so far.

Jimy Bleu and Billy “The Kid” Thoden

Rock On Philly: How did you get involved with blues music at such a young age? 

Billy Thoden: I got involved with blues music at the age of four when my dad showed me The Blues Brothers movie. After seeing this, I told him that’s what I want to be, a blues man. At age 7 I was introduced to Stevie Ray Vaughan, the man who inspired me to pick up the guitar.

ROP: How did you get discovered by Billy Cox (of the Band of Gypsys) at age 10? 

BT: I was discovered by Billy Cox at age 10 after going to the Experience Hendrix Concert at Foxwoods Casino. After the show my father handed Mr. Cox a demo of myself and told him I was a huge Hendrix fan. One year later after Billy had tracked down our new phone number, he called us and asked me to come down to Nashville.

ROP: Are you involved with other projects other than Heavy Cream?

BT: Yes, I play in my main band that I’ve been playing with since 2009 called the Billy The Kid Band. We can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

ROP: Do you have a favorite song or album by Cream? 

BT: If I had to choose my favorite Cream song it would have to be “SWLABR.” With its unusual and intriguing name, “SWLABR” is an amazing jam with great lyrics and a perfect groove.

ROP: What song from Cream do you enjoy playing most live? 

BT: Live, I enjoy playing [Cream’s version of] the Willie Dixon and Howlin’ Wolf standard  “Spoonful.” It shows off the incredibly talented Dion Paci’s vocals, who portrays the late, great Jack Bruce. It also features the amazing dynamics and rhythms by Steve Iannettoni, who plays Ginger Baker. Finally, I personally love it because I get to play multiple kickass Eric Clapton guitar solos.

Relive the 60’s psychedelic era this Thursday! Tickets are going fast but still available!


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