Legendary Guitarist Earl Slick Joins Celebrating David Bowie Lineup, Coming to Philly 2/11

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While there will only ever be one David Bowie, arguably no modern artist comes close to replicating the magic he produced. Is the music industry even taking a chance on an artist like Bowie today?

“It’s not just the music industry; it’s society,” emphasizes Slick. “Look how disposable and fast everything is happening now. I look at [Bowie, Jagger, Sinatra] as heroes; it seems like the day of the hero is gone and the day of the clown is in. The more stupid and ridiculous you are, the more fans you get. Whereas before, [your fame] was based on your charisma, your music, and your show. I don’t know if there is another David Bowie out there; if there is, I don’t know if he’s gonna get chance to see the light of day because it’s so hard for the new guys.”

While we continue to navigate the new music landscape of the 21st century and go through these growing pains, at least we still have artists like Slick to see live. And we’ll always have the music of Bowie.

Tickets are going fast for the Celebrating David Bowie tour at the Keswick, but you can still purchase them here!

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