Post Animal Makes a Last Minute Stop in Philly

Like many Philly fans of Chicago’s Post Animal, I was bummed out when they released their recent tour dates and there was no Philly on it. However, in true rock-star style, they announced a show about a week before the show and managed to make Boot and Saddle the only place you’d want to be on a Tuesday night.

Post Animal is definitely an incredible band to watch. Each of the individual members’ talents are so integral to the singularity of the band, and this is what makes them a stand-out band. They played tracks spanning their discography, each song seamlessly flowing into each other but still independently standing out.

They have such a watery vibe, and I would love to see them play at my favorite venue in the city, PhilaMOCA, which usually projects old movies and shows like Sailor Moon behind the band playing.

Check out our gallery below to relive the show!

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