Chestnut Grove Honors Queen, and Takes Us Back To The Old School Sounds of Rock and Roll

Photograpy by Brittany Salerno 

The King of Queen, the vibrant and arguably greatest front man of all time, Freddy Mercury was brought back to life on Friday, in a full capacity venue space. Chestnut Grove did it again, as they emulated the essence of Queen at the one and only Chaplin’s.

Performing hits from “Fat Bottom Girls”, “We Will Rock You” and Gary Gears’ personal favorite, “Tie Your Mother Down”, The Grove played proper tribute to the legendary rock stars (while mixing in some original pieces as well).

Dee Gerhart kicked total ass, dressed from head to toe as only a true killer queen would be, topped off with an ever so appropriate Burger King crown.

“I remember being 4 years-old sitting in the living room with my mom and watching Queen perform on the television. That was one of my first connections to music. Seeing Freddy Mercury light up the stage was like, ‘whoa.. this guy is a performer, he IS rock and roll’. This has just been the greatest. Performing Queen is just so natural I feel like I’m completely in my element.” Lead singer Dee Gerhart expresses after the band’s one-of-a kind set.


Chestnut Grove has been busy since the last time we checked in with them. They were recently featured on Radio 104.5’s Live at Five, a few Fridays back (which made my personal commute home down 95 far more bearable). Between performing locally and traveling throughout the states, they have also managed to record a highly anticipated EP.

Black Champagne is their third release as a band, and was appropriately recorded at, you guessed it, Chaplin’s.

“It was all old school, James really challenged me to work outside of the box on this one. During recording we used all square feet of Chaplin’s to get that organic sound. We even put a mic in the bathroom, doors open, just to catch the proper echoes of audio. It was the most creative recording experience I have had yet, so it was really cool to channel and understand how it was done in the 70s.” Chris Cacheula, owner and main man over at Chaplin’s expresses.



To catch Chestnut Grove live, check them out on May 5th at Ardmore Music Hall as they perform with Hezekiah Jones and Black Horse Motel.

Check out some of our images from Friday night’s show to relive some of the magic!

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