Cold Fronts on parking tickets, not overthinking and their latest record, ‘Fantasy du Jour’

The Philadelphia-based band Cold Fronts have been at it for about three years now. Friday, April 20 marked the release of their second full length album, Fantasy du Jour.

They celebrated by having a pop-up show in the heart of Old City at Illadelph Glass Gallery. Illadelph is a brand famous for it’s water pipes (bongs) and is currently customizing special pipes for the band that’s going to say Fantasy du Jour in purple on them when they’re finished.

Between the purple 4/20-inspired Federal Donuts and the bright sun rays breaking through the front window at the glass gallery, and releasing an album, the band doesn’t have a lot to worry about today — except for the Old City parking.

“You’re probably going to get a ticket, it’s Old City dude,” drummer Joe Killian says to vocalist/guitarist, Craig Almquist, after the band is finished setting up.

“I wouldn’t worry about it. We either have to pay fifty six dollars (ticket) or pay twenty five dollars and it’s a headache to move around the block,” Almquist says.

After a quick and hazy pros and cons session, the band leader, Almquist weighs against leaving his van outside the venue and asks me to ride around and find parking with them. That’s when I found out this wouldn’t be the only show they’re performing today. It’s essentially a warm up for a bigger show they will be doing in New York as soon as they finish up in Philly.

“At SXSW we did three shows in one day. It was like woah,” Killian says.

“SXSW has got a way different vibe than some of the other festivals Coachella because its in Austin. It’s more like Made In America but like way bigger. It’s really big,” Max Steen says, the band’s head writer and guitarist.

The band also sheds some light on the three-year hiatus between the release of their new album Fantasy du Jour and their last album Forever Whatever.

“It was forever. It was kind of wack, but it was just the aftermath of us signing to a big label kind of early. You just get kind of caught up in the system,” Almquist says. “Then this new album — we recorded it last April, finished mastering everything in June/July, so the fact that it’s coming up now — this is a great turnaround. We are making videos and everything.”

The album only took three weeks to record, which seemed pretty quick to me, but not so much to Cold Fronts.

“Some bands do it in like, a weekend,” Almquist says. “It was a very relaxed process. We are lucky and privileged to be able to record in a pretty nice studio. That’s like my favorite place in the world.”

After spending a few minutes with the group it’s evident that their art is important to them but, they also will never let their art take full control of their everyday lives. It’s a refreshing group of guys that just want to make their music, have fun and further prove that smoking a spliff won’t kill you.

“It’s the people that get too precious about their art and people that get too stressed out and overthinking it. Just make decisions and have fun. You can fix stuff if you want, but don’t get too in your head.” Almquist says.

Be sure to stream “Staying In” from Cold Fronts new album Fantasy du Jour, below:





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