New Music Releases: Rae Sremmurd, Father John Misty, Saba and More

Whether you’re recharging your batteries on your favorite couch all weekend, or going out to showcase your superior dance moves, new music is always needed. Check out our new music picks and get your rock on.

New Music To Rock To

Rae Sremmurd, “CLOSE”

There is no doubt that Rae Sremmurd are some of the best hitmakers in the music industry right now. There is no projected release date for their third studio album Sremmlife 3 yet, but they continue to satisfy fans with singles from the forthcoming project. Here they enlist the eerie vocals of Travis Scott to help keep the momentum building up to one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, Sremmlife 3.

Father John Misty, “Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All”

Father John Misty announced the release date of his new album God’s Favorite Customer, and released two singles from the project. The first single is, “Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All”, which offers listeners the more buoyant side of a songwriter who isn’t always the easiest to digest.

Saba “Logout”

Chicago is a breeding ground for young musical talent and it doesn’t look like that will stop anytime soon. Saba, is emerging as yet another young artist from the area that’s blossoming into a star. His latest album Care For Me is a must listen. On “Logout” you hear the young star combine his talent on the piano keys and rapping ability to create a super rhythmic jam, that can relax you in any type of situation you’re in.

Bazzi “3:15”

One of the coolest things about Bazzi is that he might one of the only true Vine superstars ever. He was the first artist to release a “Featured Track” on Vine and accrued over 1.5 million followers during the short time the application had any traction. Even though Vine is long gone the career of Bazzi is just getting started. His most popular single, “Mine” rose in popularity only after becoming an internet meme. We don’t know how good of an artist he is yet but we do know he is damn good at using the internet to build his brand.

Tyler The Creator “Rose Tinted Cheeks”

Tyler The Creator gifted us one the better albums 2017 in Flower Boy. This week, he gives his fans an unreleased demo of a song he said that he says is a 2016 rough draft of a song that would of made the album. It’s not clear why the song isn’t on the album, but better late than never.




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