Childish Gambino To Perform and Host SNL May 5

When you combine his writing, acting and rapping abilities, it’s hard not to call Donald Glover, aka “Childish Gambino,” one of the best artists of our generation. On May 5, he’s taking his talents to SNL for the first time ever, doubling as both a host and musical guest.

Even though we’ve seen performers doing double duty on the show before (like Drake), this is a role tailor made for Gambino. He practiced sketch comedy at NYU before Tina Fey dragged him out of his dorm room to start writing for the popular sitcom 30 Rock. Since then, he’s become one of the more influential people in the music world and seems to be getting more famous by the day.

Even though he’s racked up seven total Grammy nominations between his last two albums, Because The Internet and Awaken, My Love!, it’s his acting that’s gaining the attention of the national eye recently. He writes, stars, and directs Atlanta, a show that’s quickly becoming the best on television and will be transitioning back to the big screen next month. He’ll be playing Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a role previously donned by Billy Dee Williams, who was a bit of a renaissance man of his own.

Teddy Perkins is one of the creepiest characters we’ve seen on TV. We were introduced to him on the sixth episode of this season of Atlanta, and the sight of him eating a soft-boiled ostrich egg still has us grimacing in disgust. I didn’t even know the role was donned by Glover until the next day when the twitter universe broke the news to me.

Maybe the infamous Teddy Perkins may be too deep a character to bring into the SNL sketch comedy world but why not? Maybe we see more of the quirky side of him that we saw during the days he stared in “Community” and released is on Netflix Comedy Special “Weirdo”.

If it’s one thing we know it’s that Gambino never sticks to the same formula for too long. He likes to out smart his opponents and keep his fans guessing. Whatever he does at the legendary 8H, SNL studio on Saturday, May 5 at 11;30 PM is going to entertaining. Wether he brings Teddy Perkins with him or not.

Gambino will also make a tour stop in Philadelphia, September 18 with special guests Rae Sremmurd at the Wells Fargo Center.

Check out a video of Childish Gambino performing “Terrified” at the Grammy’s below:


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