Enjoy the Pop Stylings of Eric Frisch

Drawing comparisons to the music of the likes of Cat Stevens, The Beach Boys, and Wilco, Eric Frisch writes and performs pop music with Americana, surf-rock, and indie leanings. His brand is typically of a feel good, toe tappin’ nature and his latest track is perfectly on brand.

With several new tracks dropping over the next few months, the first of this new crop is “Head Up in the Clouds”, an easy going pop track about being content in who you are, even it took you a damn long while to get to this point. With a soulful voice and a great backdrop of beautiful piano, upbeat drums, and lo-fi guitar, “Head Up in the Clouds” is a perfect track to play over and over while you sit doing the Sunday crossword in your kitchen with your morning coffee or lay in your hammock with an iced teas enjoying the warm breeze of a late Spring afternoon. It is contemplative without being heavy and it’ll get stuck in your head for days.

It’s hard not to see why this Toronto born, NYC based indie singer-songwriter has been creating so much buzz lately. We can only hope that if we ask nicely he’ll hit the road a couple hours south to grace Philly with his soulful, upbeat presence soon.

Fans of classic pop, Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and probably most other artists named Ben should check out Eric Frisch now.

You can head to his website, Facebook, and Twitter for upcoming shows. And ride on over to Bandcamp to grab this track and the other great pop tunes he’s released over the past few years.

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