IN THE LIGHT OF LED ZEPPELIN Transcends the “Cover Band” Label

For many of us, there’s a certain picture painted in many of our heads when we hear the words “tribute band” or “cover band”, before even hearing a single note of the first song. A Led Zeppelin tribute is expected to play the hits, emulate Page and Plant on stage, feature a bunch of aging metalheads who had their glory years in 80s hair bands, and generally do their best to cater to diehard Zeppelin fans at the expense of everyone and everything else. This is a pretty realistic expectation, right? Well… maybe for other bands, but this is definitely not a description of In the Light of Led Zeppelin.

What truly makes In the Light of Led Zeppelin different is their commitment to honoring Page and Plant by exploring the band’s influences and songwriting style. In other words, In the Light of Led Zeppelin doesn’t just play covers of the classic Page/Plant collaborations; instead, the write brand new arrangements, integrate a variety of other instruments, and expand upon the tracks to create entirely new takes on Zeppelin’s tunes. Moreover, the songs they explore range from the big ones to much deeper cuts.

What this means is that the band is inspired by the No Quarter Tour period of Page and Plant, where the iconic duo played new renditions of classics and deep cuts. The duo wowed audiences and renewed their sound and creativity in this period. This is where In the Light of Led Zeppelin draws their inspiration. With world class guitarist Antonio “Pagey” Bolet and metal vocalist extraordinaire Scott Board at the front, the Page and Plant aesthetic is preserved, all the while allowing this tribute duo to practice the same creative process and originality that made the icons what they were.

Not only does In the Light of Led Zeppelin practice a more original and powerful style of tribute than your average tribute band through their songwriting, but they also eschew the idea that they need lookalikes and imitators. Instead, the band has evolved into focusing strictly on getting the very best musicians for the job. Amber “Joan Paula Jones” Martini sure doesn’t look like the classic Zeppelin bassist, but she rocks every bit as hard. Next up is Randi Fishenfeld, a classically trained violinist that proves a violin can rock as hard as any guitar if wielded by the right gal. Linda Kiley is a medical doctor turned world class keyboardist and singer. And, Keith Howard is simply one hell of a rock drummer (his musical talents stretch across a number of instruments, as he was once a founding member and bassist for kickass Journey tribute, Don’t Stop Believin’). The band may not look like the 70s rockstars you picture when you hear Led Zeppelin, but they rock every bit as hard and didn’t choose simple lookalikes over having the best musicians – which I personally see as a fault of many cover and tribute acts.

The latest album – the upcoming 7 track, 45 minute opus – is entitled The Pompeii Sessions. Each track rocks hard, while also displaying incredible musicianship and skill. The standout track is the closer, a 14 minute rendition of “Kashmir”. While perhaps blasphemous to the Rock Gods to say, this is the best version of the classic Zep track ever put to record. Yes, you read that right: In the Light of Led Zeppelin perform “Kashmir” better than Page and Plant did themselves.

The band is set to tour this Summer and Fall, but unfortunately currently only have dates as close as the Carolinas. We need this band in Philly and someone needs to make that happen. But in the meantime, we can all snag this great album to hold us over.

“Ramble On” and “Dancing Days” are played with fantastic arrangements. “The Rain Song” is incredible. Every track really has a life of its own that embodies the spirit of Zeppelin, while still feeling entirely new and exciting. We could go on and on, but it feels most appropriate to wrap up with the high praise bestowed just above as the exclamation. Yes, I am serious when I say that this band has outdone the original “Kashmir”… and it’s honestly not even close.

Check the band out at their website, Facebook, Instagram, and their YouTube Channel.

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