Spend Your Memorial Day with the Music of Marty Thompson

Written on a family trip, using a pink ukelele he bought his daughter, Marty Thompson’s new album is now available worldwide and would make a great soundtrack to your Memorial Day festivities. With an Americana and country rock flavor mixed into a decidedly pop fueled sound, Thompson blends genres and styles to create something that’ll appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The ska and reggae tinged opener sets the tone for a fun and diverse album that travels from one tune to the next with ease. Despite a variety of different influences from track to track, the vibe is always on brand. And, that brand is all about fun, catchy tunes with thoughtful lyrics.

I started this album in 2015, in a guitar store in Munich. I went in at the beginning of a month-long backpacking trip with my family, and there were so many fabulous guitars that I simply could not decide which one to buy to take with me. So, leaving empty-handed, my daughter Sage asked if she could buy a little pink ukulele for nine Euro.

With Sage’s new uke in hand, Marty wrote tunes as he traversed Europe with his family. When he got home, he fleshed out the ditties he wrote into beautiful full tracks, playing almost of the instruments on the album himself. The exceptions being some piano on “White Piano” by great pianist Donna Bassham and having some studio help on the drums and horns on “A Thud”. Despite the tunes being written on that cute little ukelele, no ukelele actually appears on the final album. And, based on the finished product, it sound like Marty made the right decision there.

You can stream Romantic Stories on Spotify or pick it up on a variety of streaming services. Marty is streaming the full album over at his website too. So, no need to take my word for it when I tell you that it’s a fun and enjoyable album that’ll provide a perfect backdrop for your swimming, grilling, and other outdoor fun on this beautiful Memorial Day.

And, as a bonus, here’s a video of Marty covering one of my favorite Beatles tunes live. A talented musician whose tunes will make you tap your toe and smile… what more do you want?

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