TOO MANY ZOOZ Coming to the Foundry!

“Brass House” sensation Too Many Zooz who are coming your way for a show at The Foundry on Friday, June 8th. Rock on Philly was lucky enough to catch up with Leo to talk about the upcoming show.

Rock on Philly: Hey guys, so I hear your back on tour and coming to visit us in Philly. For those who don’t know Too Many Zooz, let’s start with a brief who’s who. In other words, who are Too Many Zooz?

Leo of Too Many Zooz: Too Many Zooz is made up of myself – Leo P. – on sax, Matt Doe on trumpet, and the King Of Sludge on drums. We are a band from the New York subway that formed a genre we call Brass House. Brass House is the style of a DJ mixed with the chemistry of a jazz trio.

ROP: You’ve come through our city before, so tell us what you love about playing Philly?

Leo: My brother and his wife live in Philly and it is always great to see them. And of course the cheesesteaks, duh!

ROP: Besides Philly, where are some of your favorite cities to play and why?

Leo: Probably London. I love shopping for clothes there. Plus we always have huge crowds!

ROP: So, tell us about this tour. How’s it been going and what should folks expect?

Leo: It has been going really great! People should definitely expect a high energy performance from us.

ROP: Over your time playing on tours and in your city, have you gotten to play with any Philly bands that you were impressed by?

Leo: Haven’t really gotten a chance to unfortunately, even though we have played Philly several times before.

ROP: Speaking of impressive bands, who are some of your faves you’ve shared a stage with?

Leo: So, so many – including Beyonce, The Dixie Chicks, Moon Hooch, Lucky Chops, and Galactic among others.

ROP: Anyone you’ve never shared a stage with yet but to do so would be a dream come true?

Leo: Maceo Parker for sure. I would love to perform with him.

ROP: So, before we go, tell us about the upcoming show.

Leo: Well, we have added some new sounds to the set. And we will play instruments never seen before at our shows in Philly.

ROP: Where can folks find more info about upcoming dates and about you guys, in general?

Leo: All upcoming shows and other cool stuff is at our site – – check it out!

ROP: Awesome, keep on rocking! Any parting words for the readers?

Leo: Just looking forward to seeing everybody at the show!

Get tickets at Ticketmaster or check the Foundry’s site for more details.

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