Deadfellow Reflects on Love During The End of World in New Music

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“It’s about the idea of loving somebody at the end of the world,” he says. “What do you do with really strong, human, profound emotion if you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s all for naught.”

In the track “Ten Millennia From Now,” Sammak angrily reflects on the fatal optimism we’ve developed: “I can’t believe that we promised ourselves Mars, like a summer home floating through the stars,” he sings. In “Liner Notes” he comments on our country’s obsession with dirty, dying industries such as coal: “Just picture babe that we never made a change / which in the worst case scenario left us needlessly sustained / Oh to think that we just rather leave it be / in order to preserve archaic means of industry.”

Does Sammak believe it’s risky to fall in love right now? “It’s just a weird time to love someone. It’s not risky but kind of loaded. You’re at this crossroads where it’s almost like what’s the point, but the ultimate conclusion though is that even if there is not a point to anything, there is still a point to loving somebody. The album isn’t necessarily about the end of the world; it’s about love in spite of it,” he reflects.

Still, Sammak does believe these times are different than the difficult times of past generations. “Back then there were readily identifiable problems with readily identifiable arcs. However, now we have things like sustainability and climate change and insane unknowns. Can we come back from that? It’s the first time where humankind at large is being confronted with their own mortality,” he says.

That’s the beauty of Sammak’s work as Deadfellow: his music explores the deepest, darkest corners of humanity, but in a way that’s digestible to the open-minded listener. Arguably the most valuable music allows us to evaluate and consider the world around us, and that appears to be Sammak’s goal.

There is no release date for Deadfellow’s new album, but you can hear it live when he returns to Johnny Brenda’s this Saturday, June 23rd! Tickets are only $12 in advance (show is 21+ only). You can find more information and purchase tickets here

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  1. PhillyBite

    June 27, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    Love this band

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