GOOD FIELD is Feel Good Music for Rock N Roll Fans

Produced by Jim Eno of alternative rock darlings Spoon, the latest release from Austin TX 90s flavored rock outfit Good Field is an upbeat and fun collection of tracks inspired by the music of bands like Wilco and life in the Austin area. These four accomplished musicians have collectively put out a ton of albums as solo artists and in other bands, written music for the films of fellow Austin native Richard Linklater, compose music for Grey’s Anatomy, has music feature in the Olympics, and played as studio musicians on a variety of projects. It’s, therefore, not a surprise that their sound is tight, layered, and refined – a sound indicative of a group of seasoned veterans.

On the opening track of Surface Tension, the listener is immediately hit in the face with a catchy riff and a driving beat. With a blend of the Cure, classic rock, and an indie flavor, “Necessary Feeling” feels like a perfect radio single to be thrown on after a commercial break on your local rock stations morning show. Upbeat and toe-tapping, it has the soaring power of something like U2’s “Beautiful Day”, but with a certain underground vibe that sets it apart from the generic alt-rock that seems to take center stage in today’s scene. In short, it’s a perfect way to open a modern rock album.

From start to finish, the album continues to present good straight forward alternative rock tunes with upbeat drums, infectious hooks, strong production, and a positive vibe. Of the 10 tracks, not one represents a dip in quality of a lull in enjoyment. With track track, the band seems to to find ways to highlight the talents of each member in different ways. For example, the incredible bass line of “I Can See for Years” plays a prominent role in the start of the song, while later in the song, it seems to really focus on the fantastic guitar work. The guitars and vocals shine, while the rhythm section really drives the songs forward. The keys on the album work to really blend the instruments together into a cohesive sound.

Other standout tracks include the surf-tinged “I Feel Off”, the Tom Petty flavored “Naked and Asleep”, and the delicious “Sparkle Playground”.

Listen to the album on Spotify, follow the band on Soundcloud, or check out their Bandcamp. Whatever you choose, make sure to give this energetic and positive band a listen. It’s a decision that you won’t soon regret.

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