HUSKS Shares Two Tracks from Upcoming Debut EP

From just up the road in Brooklyn, hails the moody ambience of Husks. Husks is the music of musician Connor Small, formerly of the band Youth Culture. His current project began as that band broke up and his relationship fell apart.

I couldn’t even pick up an instrument for months. I went down a really deep hole of binge-watching horror movies on Netflix and feeling sorry for myself. What brought me out of it was listening to the scores from those films.

With a decided influence from horror movie scores and electronic instrumentation, Small began with songs with his writing partner Becca Krueger, producing all of the music himself – essentially a one man band with just a little bit of help constructing the tunes. With his debut EP dropping later month, Husks has released a couple of singles to whet our preverbial whistles.

The first is “Design Me” which also happens to be the title track of the forthcoming EP. The track has a definite trip-hop feel that is reminiscent of Tricky, especially with the darker tones that Husks employs.

The second single, “Corrode”, really employs that horror film score influence. It is a bit less melodic than “Design Me” and really seems to lean into its ambience. Along with “Design Me”, the two songs represent a good sample of what the EP has in store for listeners. With both tracks retaining a similar quality and feeling, but varying a bit in how they construct and present that tone – one a bit more melodic than the other, but both blending R&B and pop with something much darker than what is typical in those genres.

While no shows are currently confirmed for Husks, we can expect to see Small come throuhg town in the near future as our home city is a place he once called home. Growing up in suburban Philly and playing in a variety of bands in the local scene, part of his heart will always be with the City of Brotherly Love. Hopefully he can make his way down to Philly in short order, so we can enjoy his dark and moody electronic tunes in person and at full volume.

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