“KIDS SEE GHOSTS” Is The Album Of The Year (So Far)

When Kanye West announced the plans for the Kids See Ghosts collaboration album with Kid Cudi, I initially wanted to get super excited. When you take a glimpse of the songs they’ve already created together like “Welcome To Heartbreak”,”Father Stretch My Hands, Pt.1″ and “Gorgeous”, there is no reason anyone shouldn’t be. I don’t think the duo has ever made a bad song together, ever.

But, I had hard time grasping the idea that the two would actually drop a collaboration album, considering all the twists the collaborative duo’s relationship has taken over years since Cudi left Kanye’s, GOOD Music label back in 2013 to focus on his own label, Wicked Awesome Records. Even though Cudi mentioned that he left the label on good terms, more issues would arise in the future between the two, leaving fans to wonder if their relationship was beyond repair.

But over recent years whatever feud the duo had with each other seemed to dissipate. The closer to the June 8 release date that Kanye announced via his twitter account, the more clues fans started to get that the album was being worked on and would soon be released.  The main one being a video Kanye posted to twitter of himself, head-bobbing to unreleased music with two whiteboards with track listings written on them in the background.

The columns in the white board represent the different albums Kanye were working on at the time and the rows, the individual tracks, “Ye” and “KIDS” look to hold the most significance in the image.

Once June 1 rolled around Kanye released his eighth studio album ye, which received pretty positive reviews from the rap community. A song named “Ghost Town” was featured on the album, a soulful song that featured Kid Cudi singing over the sample-heavy track. Then a week later, Kids See Ghosts was released.

On the opening track “Feel the Love,” when Cudi screams out that he can still feel the love, you know the album is going to be special. Pusha T also makes an appearance on the track, matching the intensity of the bars he delivered on Daytona, another Kanye produced album.

“Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt.2)” is a refreshing track that find the duo forgetting about their painful past, moving towards a more peaceful life. “Reborn” is the standout track on this album that finds Cudi doing his trademark humming and harmonizing before singing lyrics like, “Ain’t no stress on me lord, I’m moving forward,” on the chorus. Carrying over the same approach they took on “Freeee”. Even though the chorus is simple, it packs the same punch a more profound line would have. Kanye also delivers one his most memorable verses in the last decade on the song.

Listening to those two songs back-to-back have listners ready to take on the world and that’s exactly what this generation of hip-hop needs more of. Even though it’s nice to look at it designer clothes and sneakers on instagram, it’s even nicer to feel like you can actually afford some of these items someday. That’s the kind of hope Kids See Ghosts provides to it’s listeners.

You can listen to Kids See Ghosts on all streaming platforms right now and listen to “Reborn” below:

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