LES TECHNO and His Genre Defying Adventures

Les Techno was once told by a major label A&R rep,

You know, genre mixing in this business is dangerous.

He clearly ignored the advice and went about creating the music he wanted to. Now, years later, Les continues to laugh off this notion as he blends a variety of styles into every composition he pens. His list of influences is endless. He’s produced artists in styles ranging from hard rock to hip hop and beyond. Les Techno has a style that is broad, diverse, and all his own.

In his latest track, Les pens a new wave flavored dance rock track that takes an 80s alternative sound and blends it with an incredible hip hop drum beat. The track oozes a cool, smooth swagger that can’t be pigeonholed into any genre box. We can be thankful that Les refused to take heed to the A&R advice, because if he had taken it into account, we’d never get great tracks like this one.

Start your week off right with this great track, then explore what else Les Techno has to offer:

Youtube Channel

For fans of: Earl Slick, XTC, David Byrne, and good original music

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