MICHIGAN RATTLERS Tuesday Night at Boot & Saddle

Named by Rolling Stone as one of the “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know”, Michigan Rattlers are coming to visit out home city of Philadelphua for the first time tomorrow night. Plain and simple, when asked who they are, they told us:

Michigan Rattlers are a country-rock’n’roll band from Northern Michigan.

Their live show is heralded far and wide as a ton of fun and full of energy. People rave about the great vibe at their concerts and based on their music, it’s not hard to expect that it will translate phenomenally to the live show atmosphere, especially at a great venue like Philly’s Boot & Saddle. But what exactly should you expect at Tuesday night’s show in South Philly?

People should expect a show filled with thunderous upright bass, lightning quick piano, and songs that feel like a cold beer in the soft Summer rain.

From low key tunes like the one above to raucous country rock songs, Michigan Rattlers are excited to share their sound with the city of Brotherly Love. Doors are at 7:30 and tickets are still available at Ticket Fly. And check out their latest EP on iTunes or Spotify now to get yourself ready for the show!

As they prep for the show, I asked them how they were spending the little bit of downtime they had, they said:

We’re watching Easy Rider right now and the soundtrack is insane. I wish we had a song in the movie.

And, with that… how can you not want to go support these crazy country boys tomorrow night at Boot & Saddle?

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