N.ave Hits Hard with Dope Video for “Gravity” from BLACK MAGIC EP

Philly emcee by way of New Jersey, N.ave, dropped his latest EP in April. Black Magic may only be four tracks, but it’s straight fire. Perhaps the most ferocious track is “Gravity”, a track featuring IDK and a sweet acoustic guitar riff. The video is equally cool, with a cool concept and an interesting narrative.

Despite his youth, N.ave is wise beyond his years. With a sound and style that’ll appeal to the kids and old heads alike, N.ave’s craft is not just about the music, but about the lyrics. His old school emceee approach to lyricism stands out amongst the new crop of rappers. Taking the best of the old and new, N.ave reps Philly hard.

So, here’s your track of the week. Bump it loud and bump it often!

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