New Music Releases: Pusha T vs. Drake Edition

This has been a super eventful week in the music world. We got the first Pusha T album in three years and along with it came a rap feud with Drake that has caught the attention of the world and put the rest of the music world on pause for the moment. It’s also revealed a few facts about both rappers that have left people’s mouths wide all over the world. We are here to help you unpack it all.

New Music To Rock To:

Pusha T, “Infrared”

DAYTONA is the third solo album by Pusha T. It’s seven tracks long and the whole project is produced by his label-mate and rap god, Kanye West. This song is one of the more intriguing parts of the album, delivering lines like, “It was written like Nas, but it came from Quentin.” Which take shots at Drake, implying that he had assistance in writing some of his best work from ghostwriter, Quentin Miller. Therefore, his work should not be as valid as some artists who actually write their best work.

Drake, “Duppy Freestyle”

In less than 24 hours Drake had a response for Pusha T, addressing multiple different issues including the alleged ghostwriting. Saying, “I just left over from by ya’ll, puttin’ pen to the sheets.” Which seemingly confirms rumors that are already swirling, that Drake helped Kanye on his forthcoming album. Which isn’t all that surprising, considering Kanye credited Drake with helping him on “30 Hours” and “Father Stretch My Hands” from Kanye’s previous album The Life Of Pablo.

Besides dragging Kanye into things also Drake also got personal, mentioning the longtime girlfriend of Pusha T. Saying, “I told you keep playin’ with my name I’ma let it ring on you like, Virginia Williams.” This is probably the line that escalated the beef further than we all imagined.

Pusha T, “The Story Of Adidon”

Apparently Drake has a kid named Adonis, and his mother is a adult film star, Sophie Brussaux. Somehow this is news that no media outlet knew until now but is far from fake news. “Adonis is your son and he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real,” Pusha raps.

Drake was rumored to join the Adidas apparel team in June 2018 but Pusha and Kanye have been affiliated with the apparel brand for much longer. Somehow, through the grapevine Pusha heard that the apparel line was going to be called AdiDon and recently confirmed that on the Breakfast Club the day after this song was released.

The most disturbing part of this song, besides Drake’s phantom kid, is the song artwork, this is an actual photo by David Leyes.

It’s hard to not give Pusha T the upper hand in this rap feud. Main fact being he actually exposed some things about Drake that his fans had no clue of, but this has a feeling of a beef that’s just now heating up and may never be settled. Since “The Story of Adidon” has been released, Drake’s camp has been quiet for the most part. Except for a statement via Drake’s Instagram story that attempts to defend his blackface picture.



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