Move Over Muse, Novagolde’s “Bloodfall” Soars Above the Clouds

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Radiohead and Broken Bells, Novagolde blends space rock, indie aesthetics, and the sonic layers that define bands like Coldplay and U2. With certain influence from the music of Damon Albarn and a some moments that resemble the epic rock of Muse, Novagolde isn’t easy to pigeonhole into a single sub-genre or style. Even more classic space rock like Hawkwind seems to find it’s way into the sound of Novagolde, broadening the base of comparisons and influences even wider.

Embracing their space rock feel, the band claims to hail from the 4th dimension… which is apparently somewhere near Madison, Wisconsin. Michael Bonebrake, Lee Chato, Craig Michaels, and Jon Paul create beautiful rock tunes that flow back and forth seamlessly between grittier rock, spacey vibes, and a variety of alternative rock sounds. The result is a powerful and fun sound that is equally unique and reminiscent of many alternative greats.

Their latest single, “Bloodfall”, feels something like Albarn’s The Good the Bad and the Queen with decidedly 80s and 90s influences (think When in Rome or Simple Minds) and a Styx-like space opera energy. Fans of any of the aforementioned bands will find something here to latch onto… especially those who love anything with a big, epic quality to it.

In short, this is a band that Muse needs to bring on the road with them… a perfect compliment to the badass Cydonian knights that’ll leave listeners wanting more.

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