Shawna Virago is a “Tranimal”

Let’s start with the question that several of you may be asking yourself, “Who is Shawna Virago?”

Shawna Virago is a transgender punk rock goddess who writes acoustic folk punk songs that blend the tenacity of Johnny Rotten in all his glory with the acoustic punk sensibilities of early Against Me! Shawna was an in-your-face out transgender rocker before it was acceptable by the general public. We all know that trans rights aren’t all where they need to be yet, but it was folks like Shawna, in that early generation, who really got the fight raging. Now, the fight has more allies and some headway is being made, but that needed to start somewhere, and Shawna’s generation of badass trans folks of all shapes and sizes were that start.

Shawna’s art comes out in a variety of streams, from the ferocious folk-punk tunes she records to the extensive writing she puts out to her work in film. She even runs a transgender film festival in San Francisco. Her tireless efforts to tell the stories of her people and her artistic work ethic work together to produce an impressive body of work.

Released as part of Pride Month, her latest single “Tranimal” serves as a middle finger to the hatemongers in our world today. She’s a motherf***ing tranimal and if you don’t like it, she doesn’t care at all.

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