Album Review: Trippie Redd “Life’s A Trip”

Trippie Redd has been one of the more decorated artists of this new Soundcloud generation, especially since the release of his first two mixtapes, A Love Letter To You and A Love Letter To You 2 last year. Thursday, we finally get his debut project, Life’s A Trip with features from Young Thug, Travis Scott, Reese LAFLARE and Diplo.

Much like his A Love Letter To You, mixtape series, Life’s A Trip is original, emotional and genre bending. With Trippie preferring to sing his pain in melody rather than rapid fire raps. But there are still glances of a more traditional rapper on the album like, “Missing My Idols” which finds him rapping bars like, “I just sit back and listen to Lil Wayne songs” giving you a quick glance at someone he seems to take heavy influence from.

On the Murda Beatz-produced track, “Forever Ever” it’s easy to tell that Lil Wayne isn’t Trippie’s only influence. approaching the down-tempo beat in a super high pitched singing voice that Lil Wayne wouldn’t try, even on his bravest, non-rapping of days.

One of the standout songs on the album is “Bird S**t”. Linking with frequent Young Thug collaborator, Wheezy and We Are The Stars, making a motivational track that finds Trippie finding comfort in his position in the industry. Singing “Hating on me boy ‘cuz I’m in first place/Yeah I’m in first place/Uh, all that bullshit for the birds, yeah”.

When he sings he’s in fist place he seems to truly believe it. And even though I don’t believe he’s the best artist of this new generation, yet. I think he’s getting closer and on his path to the top his music will continue to evolve into a genre we won’t really know how to classify.

“Life’s A Trip” is available on all streaming platforms right now. Listen to “Bird S**t” below:

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  1. Justin Harlan

    August 21, 2018 at 11:01 am

    New to me. Consider my old ass intrigued. Good stuff, Justin.

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