Get Trippy with Crooked Flower’s “Came to Me in my Dreams”

This week’s Track of the Week comes from Berkley’s Crooked Flower. Smooth R&B vocals, psychedelic guitars, funky keyboards, and a tight rhythm section come together to form a sound that throws back to classic rockers and early alternative bands, while still feeling fresh and exciting. In that way only a great rock band knows how to, Crooked Flower finds ways to work as a blended unit while providing moments for each member to shine in solos that work in the larger context. All in a single song, the listener is able to experience the beautiful vocals of Angie Dang, soaring and intricate guitar work, pulsating rhythm, and incredible keyboard riffing. In short, this is the musical equivalent of a pleasant and uplifting acid trip.

Listen to the entire new EP on Spotify and check out a full review of their previous EP at The Farsighted, where I also write about great music from time to time. Look out below for ways to follow what their up to, when they’ll hit the road, and their social media pages, too.

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