Local Producer ivoryHAUS Teases New Album with Dope Downtempo Track “Clouds”

Hip hop flow, electronic dance beats, and a whole lotta chill, ivoryHAUS’s upcoming self-titled album is a perfect way to unwind. ivoryHAUS, the current musical alter-ego of Philadelphian Noa Spott, grew up in Eastern PA heavy into hard rock and wanted to be a musician from an early age. Spending time in the Poconos and down in the city, Spott began to hone his musical craft on his guitar before being given a MIDI pickup that led him down the path of electronic music. While his teenage angst fueled a more aggressive musical sound at first, he’s now found himself content and enjoying his life as a full time musician.

This, his first project as ivoryHAUS is fueled by “hiking, stargazing, and the ocean” – otherwise known as the things that help him relax. This relaxing vibe is evident from start to finish of the upcoming 8 song release and it’s hard not to be swept away by the soothing and soaring sound. On his new single “Clouds”, ivoryHAUS shows off exactly what you can expect from the self-titled releasing that’s due out in September.

With trip hoppy drums and an ambient background, the layered keys present the central melody of “Clouds”. While this keyboard melody is damn near perfect, my favorite moments in this one occur when they fade back and let the intricate drumming hop up front. The seamless transitions in this song make it a perfect track to allow yourself to get swept up in.

Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open for the upcoming release, which you’ll be able to find over at the ivoryHAUS Bandcamp page. This is downtempo at its finest, so support this local genius and enjoy the ride.

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